Android: Using Gradle

On a couple of Android projects I’m working on, I’ve switched to using the new Gradle Build system. The idea of storing the entire build configuration in one place is great. My early experience of Gradle seemed to cause more problems than it solved. However, this was probably due to lack of understanding as much as […]

Android: Getting Started with Databases and ContentProviders Part 1


Clone the code from GitHub Android provides powerful database functionality built on SQLite. If you’re familiar with SQL from web development, you’ll be very comfortable with SQLite. However, what you might find is that it’s very easy to deal directly with the database (especially if you’re coming from a framework like Rails or Symfony). Whatever […]

Rails 3: Storing Model Metadata Attributes with ActiveRecord::Store

I recently discovered the excellent ActiveRecord store method whilst researching the best-practice for storing optional, flexible metadata against a record. store lets you keep simple key/value data into a single text column on your model. By declaring stored attributes on your model, ActiveRecord will automatically generate the appropriate setter/accessor methods, and validations work just as […]

Welcoming 2013 – Goals for the New Year


2012 was the year I said farewell to my twenties, celebrated the birth of our beautiful baby daughter, and started to see some real growth in my business. Whilst blog posts were evidently sparse, it has been an absolutely incredible year, both personally and professionally. So much has happened that the past 12 months seem to have flown […]

Running Plymouth Half Marathon – Let’s Raise £1k for Macmillan Cancer Support

Last year, I successfully completed my first Plymouth Half Marathon and raised for local charity Jeremiah’s Journey. In memory of a close friend, Pat Mourton, who sadly passed away from cancer in August 2011, I am running the Plymouth Half Marathon again on the 3 June 2012. My goal is to raise at least £1k […]